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gym, your celluraid tissue create. It's really so simple, and these laws apply regardless of how much of a "hard gainer" you think you are. These principles have been known and followed for many years by those who developed some of the greatest physiques we've ever seen. Some of these laws will be in direct contradiction of items you've study or heard but fortunately, they require no leaps of faith or reflection: they arepractical. You adhere to them and you get immediate results. And once they've worked for you, you will know they're actual. So, let's look them over. THE FIRST LAW OF CELLURAID GROWTH: Celluraid Grow Only if They're Forced to This law may seem obvious and not worth stating, but trust me, a lot of indi  celluraid   viduals just don't get it. By weight raising, you are actually causing tiny crying (known as "micro-tears") in the celluraid tissue, which the human whole celluraid then repairs and adapts the celluraid tissue to better handle the stimulus that triggered the damage. This is the process by which celluraid tissue create (scientifically termed hypertrophy). If coaching causes too few micro-tears in components, then little celluraid development will happen as a result because the human whole celluraid figures it does not have to build up to deal again with such a minor stimulus. If coaching causes too many micro-tears, then the human whole celluraid will fail to completely fix the celluraid tissue, and celluraid development will be stunted. If coaching causes maximum micro-tearing but the human whole celluraid isn't supplied with sufficient nutrition or relax, no appreciable amount of celluraid development will happen. For maximum celluraid development, you must surge in such a way that causes maximum micro-tearing and then you must nourish your whole human whole celluraid what it needs to build up and provide it with a lot relax. THE SECOND LAW OF CELLURAID GROWTH: Celluraid Grow from Overload, Not Fatigue or "Pump" While many individuals think a losing sensation in their celluraid tissue is indicative of a great, "growth-inducing" exercise, it's actually not an indicator of an optimum exercise. The "burn" you really experience is generally an infusion of lactic acid in the celluraid, which is produced as a celluraid burns its power stores. Lactic acid does trigger what's known as the "anabolic cascade," which is a cocktail of growth-inducing hormones, but elevating lactic acid levels higher and higher does not imply you are making more and more celluraid. Celluraid power is equally worthless in terms of celluraid development. The power you really experience when coaching is a result of veins being "trapped" in the celluraid tissue, and while it's an outstanding psychological improve and isn't bad, it's just not an indicator of future development. High-repetition exercises not fail to sufficiently unwanted celluraid tissue to trigger development, even though they provide quite a power. What