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sample weight training routine for you to follow. 1. Bench Press 12 reps 2. Squats 12-15 reps 3. Bent knee crunches 12-20 reps 4. Lat pull downs 12-15 reps 5. Shoulder press 12-15 reps 6. Hyper extensions 15-20 reps 7. Calf press 15-20 reps The bench press exercise has become somewhat of a measuring tool Bench Press Tip #2 Contrac  phytolast    t Glutes: This may seem like a weird one but contracting your glutes (bum in layman's terms) will actually help you bench more. Reason being, the activation of the glutes and core muscles will allow for an optimal power transfer from your feet (as you're driving them against the floor) all the way up your torso to your chest and shoulders. Keep in mind that whenever you're lifting a maximal load, the entire phytolast is involved in some way or another. Bench Press Tip #3 Retract Your Scapula: Your "scapula" refers to your shoulder blades. By squeezing them together, you can reduce the distance that your arms will have to travel in order to elevate the barbell. It should go without saying that the shorter the travel distance, the easier each repetition will be. The time under tension (T.U.T) will be less. So there you have it. Three easy to implement and extremely effective bench press tips. These are only 3 of many, so keep checking back for more articles. For more tips, step by step instructions and even a vide ave you been thinking of ways as to how to increase your vertical jump? Many athletes and basketball players do a lot of leg phytolastening exercises and workout at the gym to improve their jumping abilities. Many sports like basketball and dancing require you to jump high. A killer jump is not only impressive on the basketball court. It is necessary for becoming a good athlete. Even though you can jump really high there is still a large amount of untapped speed in your muscles that will help you jump even higher and make explosive and impressive leaps. There is a misconception that it is the muscle phytolast that will help you jump high, but that is wrong. All you need to jump high is muscle speed. Now you might wonder how that can be done and how you can increase it. So if you want to get more air time and rip down rebounds then we can recommend a great resource that will help you increase your vertical jump quickly and with the least effort. So if you are looking for ways to