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Revox tape machine as a tape delay, how good?

What's up dudes, I am looking for a REVOX B77 mk2 or A700 or something good like those here in New Zealand. You would be surprised how often they come up on our auction site.
I intend to track all my MIDI sources through it and DAW audio out and back in. Yep I am pretty sure everything will touch tape. No I'm convinced.
I am looking to produce some super authentic reggae dub music. I am going to buy a real spring reverb. I will use my UAD-1 Phasor. And I was going to use Logic's tape delay plug in. But it's not that great. Yeah I could buy the UAD-1 space echo.
I read that you can use a reel to reel as a tape delay.
How would a revox tape recorder compare to a Roland Space echo?
I would need delay times for a dotted sixteenth note at 60-80 BPM and feedback control to emulate the dub guys.


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