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Revox B77 play head noise. Help needed!

I have an issue with 60Hz hum that appears when the play head of my Revox B77 is on . If I change the location of the tape recorder with the play head on I can literally hear the interference go away. The play head somehow picks the interference in the room, depending on the tape recorder location and even its elevation (for example if I turn the back side of the Revox to the computer the noise level increases, if I turn it front side and put it on the floor - it get's quieter). Unfortunately, the best location with almost no hum / interference is on the floor at the opposite side of the room away from my mixer and computer, or the middle of the room, which are obviously not working for me. I need to have the tape recorder near the mixer, but eliminate the hum. Please advise!
Before moving to the new location (studio) I had no noise issues with the Revox. Also the record head has nothing to do with it. When I'm recording the sound even with hum present and then playing the recording in the "perfect location" - the recording shows no sign of the hum. Changing the polarity hasn't helped either.


For more details : explainer video