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Using a Tape Machine during mixing and mastering, any advice from you ?


I recently got myself a Tape Machine, a Revox A 77 MKIII from the early seventies. It is overhauled and in top condition, half track, 19cm speed, specialised on Maxell tape.
Yet I have been wondering at which point recording to tape and then record it back into the pc would make the most sense.
All my other mixing/mastering is done with plugins, btw.

Maybe somebody else here is working with Tape or has past experiences.
Would I record to tape only the finished mix, and if so, before mastering or after mastering ? Or in the middle, maybe after EQ and comping, yet before limiting or how to do it best ?

Or maybe I could even record all my busss tracks to tape and then back into the pc for mixing ? And if so, before any other effects are added or after ? and then again use the tape machine during mastering as well ?
Hoping for some advice, that could save me a lot of time experimenting.


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