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Pioneer RTR Calibration Question



I have two very nice Pioneer RTR decks that I've been restoring, RT-707 and RT-909. I want to ensure primarily that they have consistent and correct speed so that either machine can play 7-inch tapes recorded on the other, but checking/adjusting the level and frequency response is also important to me.

Based on nearly unanimous recommendations here and at AK, I've ordered the MRL 21T204 calibration tape. Before I dive in, I would like your opinions on setting levels.

The MRL tape is a 250nWb/m 0dB tape, but the calibration levels specified in the Pioneer manuals are for 185nWb/m 0dB. So, do you calibrate the reference level at -7dBv (on the millivoltmeter) as specified in the manual, or do you shift this upward by 2.8 dBv to adjust for the difference in tape levels?


Please help.

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