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Revox A700 Bias and Equalization Questions


I'm getting my repaired Revox A700 reel to reel machine calibrated and I've got some questions for the guru's.

I currently have a stock of the following tapes:
1. Scotch 207
2. 3M 908
3. Maxell UDXL II

One of the signs of the age of the A700 is there is no provision to switch between tape types. In other words, if I adjust bias and equalization to optimize for 3M 908 and then use Scotch 207 the settings will be wrong and I won't be able to obtain optimum performance from the 207.

How do you solve this problem? Readjusting for each tape type is not that easy and not something you want to do routinely. I hope you are not going to say that I have to adjust for an average between the two tapes. But, right now I don't see any solution but this.

Or another possible solution is to adjust the machine for the best tape (908 I think) and accept lower performance from 207. This is not a happy solution but


Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.



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